plan your trip!

We're excited that you are interested in being part of a T.O.G. mission trip. We book our trips through church partnerships because we believe that the church is God's chosen means to reach the world, and men are the backbone of the local church. Our trip opportunities are somewhat customize-able and exist pretty much year-round. That means that we can easily work with you to create a trip you will be excited about promoting and men will want in on.  If your church isn't already connected with Trades of Grace, take a good look at the information on this page. Then, contact us to act as the touch-point for your church or to be part of an existing team. 

Our per-person trip fee is $750. That covers lodging, all on-the-ground transportation, the team's first tank of fuel, meals (except two dinners out at local restaurants... see schedule below), snacks and all the Alaskan coffee you can drink. We are also able to provide competitive air-fare options for groups of 10 or more so that your church can write one-check to T.O.G. for everything to streamline the booking process. Side note: We don't up-charge airfare. Booking for teams is mutually beneficial as it allows us to accumulate points that can then be used for ministry travels. 

Take a minute to check out the buttons below. Afterwards, go ahead and scroll through the pictures underneath the buttons because they are links to the options listed in the schedule and the add-ons & extras. Please note: this overview is meant to provide you with enough information to get a glimpse of what your T.O.G. trip will look like and which options you could choose to include. Once we get you on our calendar, the next step will be to have someone from our team work with you to create a customized team schedule so that there are no unexpected expenses. Our goal is to create absolute clarity in our communication process with you so that you can easily promote your trip to the men of your church. 

Places EVERY TEAM WILL see ON THEIR T.O.G. schedule 

Local Places to see and choose during team Alaska time